America's Role in Destroying The Serbian People


A Serbian Perspective
Miodrag and Stephanie Novakovic

For those of you who may be interested in the situation in Kosovo, the legitimacy of Kosovar independence, implications for Serbia (one of America' s historically most faithful and brave allies), Europe, and the world, and the intelligence or wisdom of our State Department, here is a little food for thought.

Kosovo presents itself today as no threat to the West, claiming that its form of Islam is really "Islam-lite", the kind of religion that does not affect the lives of its followers (like much of the Christianity practiced in the US today), and as home to a downtrodden persecuted people worthy of sovereignty. The media cries out for liberation for Kosovo, and the US State Department, which, may I remind you, has yet, after more than fifty years, to recognize Taiwan as a sovereign state, immediately and officially recognized as legitimate and warranted the theft of Serbia's heart and soul by immigrant Albanians. (I wonder if the media will be as ecstatic when California declares independence, establishing a Mexican state on US soil.)

Since the 6th century, Serbs have lived, worshipped, and farmed in what is today called Kosovo. In the 14th century, Sultan Murat , advancing Islam at the tip of his sword, reached the Balkans. In June, 1389, King Lazar of Serbia met with peasants, shepherds, soldiers and Orthodox priests, old and young, to voice his unfaltering commitment to rather die for Christ than to capitulate to the sword of the prophet, Mohammed. In a display of faith and loyalty, the men, knowing they would be outnumbered at least five to one, agreed to stand with their beloved king in defense of their homeland, partook of the Lord's Supper together, and prepared for the battle they would face the next day. The following day, on the Fields of the Blackbirds, Kosovo Polje, the Serbians were practically obliterated by the swelling Turkish onslaught. Among the more than 70,000 killed of Serbia that day were King Lazar and all of his sons. Although Serbia subsequently suffered tremendously for over 500 years under Turkish domination, their defeat at the Battle of Kosovo weakened the army of the Sultan, who himself died (killed by Milos Obilic), prevented the Turks from advancing further into Europe, and earned for the Serbs the title, "The Guardians at the Gate" of Europe. For this, all of western europe should be grateful.

For a western mind to understand the depth of affection Serbs have for Kosovo is very difficult. While we tend to celebrate our victories, Serbs remember with an almost holy awe their defeats.

Kosovo Polje is more uniquely significant to the Serbian soul than Valley Forge, Gettysburg, Normandy, The White House, Ellis Island, or any other historically important landmark to our diverse population. Orthodox priests have walked the hills of Kosovo for one and a half millennia, as have Serbian shepherd girls, farmers, etc. It is sometimes referred to as the "Jerusalem" of the Serbs.

Moving a little closer to the present, one sees post WWII Europe, the borders within which were carved out arbitrarily by Stalin, Churchill, and Roosevelt during meetings in Tehran, etc. Amazingly, although Tito altered borders within Yugoslavia to increase the area of Bosnia and Croatia and decrease that of Serbia, he left the Kosovo province within the borders of Serbia. (Tito's personal vendetta against Serbia was evidenced by his post-war murder of the American ally and Serbian war hero, General Draza Mihailovic, one of the bravest men of WWII renown, credited with rescuing over 500 downed American fighter pilots during the Nazi occupation. One may find it interesting that Serbs also memorialize Kragujevac, in memory of 3000 civilians, men women, and school children, who were executed by the Nazi's for the Serbian village's refusal to give up one wanted man.) At this time, neighboring Albania was delivered to the control of a horrific communist regime and became known as the only TRUE communist state in the world. While behind the Iron Curtain, underground churches, though heavily persecuted, survived, and Bibles were smuggled across borders, Christian leaders openly proclaimed to western believers that there was not one known believer in all of Albania, not one Bible known to be present there. From this dreadful land, Albanians fled into Kosovo. There they were treated with Christ-like respect by much of the Orthodox population, given refuge from the oppression in their homeland. In the mid 1970's, the communist dictator of Yugoslavia, Tito, with political desire toward expanding his empire to include Albania, allowed for Albanians to begin pouring across the border into Kosovo. Over a period of about five years, 300,000 Albanians swarmed into Kosovo. 400,000 Serbs fled! As Serbs migrated into other areas of Serbia, the newcomers to Kosovo were given access to all government services, land, jobs, etc., afforded by Tito's communist regime.

The population shift begun in the 1970's by sheer migration was potentiated by the fact that Albanian and Serbian cultures are widely divergent reproductively. As a rule, the former marry young, in early to mid teens, bringing forth many children, while the latter marry later in life and usually have one to three children. Thus, by her early thirties, an Albanian female may have seven children of her own and several grandchildren. In her fifties, it is not abnormal for the Albanian woman to be a great grandmother with literally scores of offspring. Do the math. While Tito's aspirations for power in Albania died with him in 1980, the demographic changes continued, leading to a cataclysmic decline in native Serbian population, offset by an exponentially increasing population of ethnic Albanians. At present, the refugees, the immigrants, the foreigners living in Kosovo, outnumber the natives, though the soul of Serbia still resides there today. Anyone who studies demographics, even comparing large US cities and suburbs, can attest to how these changes occur.

In 1991, war broke out in the Balkans again. Western nations, ever willing to appease the Middle East and incredibly forgetful of WWII history, particularly in Croatia and Bosnia under the Ustachi puppet regime, whose expressly stated goal was to eliminate the Serbs (to kill 1/3, to convert 1/3, and to expel 1/3) , immediately recognized new nations as they broke away from Yugoslavia. What Sultan Murat and all of the Ottoman empire had failed to do, Bill Clinton and NATO accomplished. The Islamic state of Bosnia was thus established on the European continent. Serbs in Bosnia's "Republika Srpska" were not granted their own state, however, and Slobodan Milosevic was branded as a new Hitler. Interestingly, Serbia's desire to maintain the union of six Yugoslav republics and to provide the Bosnian Serbs unity with Serbia was considered expansionist, "a Greater Serbia". Bosnia was recognized by the west. Croatia was recognized by the west, as was Slovenia.... But the fragment of Yugoslavia that remained, Serbia, was NOT recognized. Now, Serbia did not technically exist. Neither did Yugoslavia exist, by virtue of its fragmentation. (Mio, having been born there, was now void of a birthplace! He traveled the world on business for many years with an American passport indicating his birthplace as "Palanka" - the Serbian word for village. The State Department passport office opted to truncate the name of the town where he was born, only including the second part of the name, "Village"!! The intelligence of our great nation must make us the envy of the world!) Emboldened by the West's obvious pro-islam mentality, the Albanian residents of Kosovo began initiating altercations with the police forces to attract attention to themselves. Serbia's attempt to keep order in its own sovereign territory resulted in more skirmishes and a large exodus of ethnic Albanians back out of Kosovo. The international propaganda machines began churning out repeated video footage of so-called "refugees" (who started the conflict in the first place) accompanied by shouts of one word that causes even the most hardened spine to twinge, "GENOCIDE!", and aroused the sympathy of sincere people whose ignorance of world events had caused them to do nothing to stop the slaying of hundreds of thousands of blacks in Sierra Leone and other African nations. NATO and Clinton bombed Serbia to impoverish and paralyze it, and a KFOR force was sent in to keep the peace. Since that time, the "Lite" form of Islam, which, remember, is "no threat to the west," has provided a training ground for (and stop-over point for) terrorists coming into Canada and the United States as well as a channel for drug and human trafficking (female particularly) into Europe. (Interestingly, Afghanistan, the largest exporter of heroine in the world, was the first country to recognize Kosovo. Kosovar Albanians are known to be the biggest drug traffickers in Europe.) This watered down islamic movement has vandalized, razed, burned and otherwise destroyed literally hundreds of Serbian structures in Kosovo.

They have now declared independence. They have been recognized diplomatically by our once great nation. Americans, poisoned by propaganda emanating from network TV and liberal news publications, and facilitated by their own lack of research or knowledge, and perhaps propelled by a self serving attempt to placate radical islam in a cowardly desire for peace, like lemmings headed for destruction, are praising the liberation of Kosovo. Well meaning Americans who, like all honest and decent people abhor genocide, are rejoicing with Kosovo. The truth remains available but difficult to find.

How can God bless America? May He have mercy instead.



All photos are from the book Crucified Kosovo by The Voice of Kosovo and Metohia. This book documents the destruction and desecration of Serbian Orthodox churches in Kosovo and Metoia from June through October 1999. During this time, there were 21 destroyed or desecrated Serbian shirines in the KFOR zones under American responsibility. Other nations were: Italy - 21, Germany 17, UK - 10, France 7.